Trance states.

This episode talks about trance states, and how India is probably the only remaining place in the world where it is given its rightful position in mainstream human society.

I’m grateful to have had glimpses of what is possible through flow/trance. I can understand the skepticism because I myself spent most of my youth in that skeptical camp.

When I talk about what’s possible, I’m talking in terms of clarity of thought, focus, creativity, improved physical performance, faster healing, the ability to endure, interpersonal relationships, and positive changes in behaviour.

People (humans) will seek altered states of consciousness, because they’re evolutionarily programmed to do so. At least, that’s the premise that the podcast episode is going by. And I’m in agreement. Preventing healthy trance states through religious rituals, martial arts, physical practice,meditation, fasting, music and yoga will only encourage people to experiment with drugs and alcohol. And there’s nothing wrong with drugs and alcohol per se, it is just that far safer and healthier methods are available.

Now, you may argue that the positive methods of entering trance states are not prevented. Technically true, yes. No one is physically stopping you from practicing these methods(most of the time). The second part is, that these beneficial practices have now been uprooted from their original lineages and now need self exploration. Self exploration without guidance can succeed, but in most cases, they’ll end up disillusioned or worse, tricked by their own delusions and biases.
The third part is that, all of these positive practices have now been dissociated from their main benefit(flow/trance) and the focus has now shifted to the minor benefits of the individual practice. Then there’s the constant mockery of religious trance, yoga, meditation, that makes people hesitant to try them

Instead, drugs and alcohol are projected as cool.
This is a downward spiral. Waiting for society or government to correct that is stupid. You’ll have to figure out which method works for you, and experiment getting high on your own supply. Once you figure out which method is best suited, you need to find someone more experienced than you, to guide you. If you can’t find a guru, form a group. Build a network. Build a tribe.

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