Fermented foods- Kefir


Used the starter culture from this link to make Kefir after a period of 4 years.
Kefir is a polymicrobial culture of bacteria and fungi that work synergistically to ferment milk. Originally from the central Asian region.
This takes away most of the lactose and converts it into lactic acid. This makes it low carbohydrate content, so it’s keto friendly. Most people will lactose intolerance will also be able to consume it. In my case, me lactose intolerance was “cured” after I used it circa 2013.

Why use it?
1.High Protein. Very anabolic. If you’re looking to gain mass, there is no better natural alternative.
If you overdo it, you’ll get chubby, so be judicious.
2. Gut microbiome benefits. Unlike store bought probiotics, which are mono microbial usually, this has around 16 different species of bacteria and fungi that support each other. This means they gain a foothold in your gut and stay there longer. They will outperform poly microbial probiotics too, because they are live organisms. The probiotics you get over the counter are dehydrated and in the spore form.
3. Meal substitute. Saves time. This is now my breakfast. I carry it in a flask to work. Takes me less than a minute to down it.
4. Travel food. I’ve carried a liter in a flask on an overnight Trek and drank it over two days.

How to use it?
Mix it in store bought milk or organic milk(preferred). Let it sit in the counter. It’ll ferment and separate into whey and curds. Strain out the grains and reuse for your next batch. You don’t need to keep buying it every time. If you are diligent with keeping the culture fed and healthy, you can keep the same culture going for years. My last batch I had for 2 years. If you want the fermentation to slow down, leave it in the fridge.
500ml of milk at Kerala ambient temperature usually curdles in 7 to 8 hours.

Why is it better than regular curd?
1.I like the taste better
2. It’s a polyculture. Curd is a monoculture of lactobacillus.

Gut microbiome benefits
-better digestion
-fixing food allergies
-fixing IBS
-better immunity to fix and water borne disease
-better immunity in general

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