Mission statement

or, why I needed to make a site like this

Mainly because we don’t have an India specific site for primal/traditional living
Everything on the net is geared towards Europe, US or Australia. Reworking some of those ideas into our lives and environment is a little problematic sometimes.

The need for a tribe
We need to collaborate, cheer each other on, support and share ideas and information.
Having a support group is essential when we’re doing something that’s out of the ordinary.
We can’t develop or progress, in isolation. Even if we do, it won’t be fat enough

A hangout
Some place where we can discuss the trivia and personal issues following this lifestyle. A place to let our hair down.

A holistic approach
There are sites catering to niche subjects like, diet, sleep, barefoot living, but, after playing around with this concept, I’ve realised that the most effective way to achieve best results is to make changes to all facets of one’s life. Not just the diet. For me, it started with food,and add I saw improvements, I went deeper and deeper into rabbit holes, branching of and exploring a huge network of information that is very intricately connected to everything else. A rabbit warren. Knowing your way through the entire network is better than knowing just one section.

A repository of knowledge
I personally need a place where I can direct my patients, friends and relatives to, when they ask for a resource / written instructions.
Everywhere you see advise, articles and advertisements for conventional approaches to diet and lifestyle. The primal movement can’t match the funding or reach of Pharma or healthcare industry. This is grassroots, and it needs a voice. A voice that can be related to, by our citizens.
It’s our little soapbox, from where we can shout out with all our might. Even if the song seems inconsequential at first. This is to amplify the signal. Working with one patient at a time is all well and good, but for me, personally, I can make a bigger impact if I get the message out through a website.