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The two meal a day plan.

This is what I’m currently following
Breakfast at 8am
Dinner at 4pm

If I do feel hungry before bed, i might eat just a single fruit. But that happens only once in two weeks or so

Bedtime by 9pm

– no calorie counting
– breakfast can include some cheat type foods, usually things like bread/cakes/sugary years that I have a weakness for. Not on a daily basis though. Maybe once a week, when I’m not working and morning exercise has been especially intense.
– easy to sustain
– doesn’t impact social life much. If i have a dinner to attend, my 4pm meal gets shifted to 8pm max. If food is being served after 8pm, I’ll avoid the function altogether
– since this method provides a 16 hour fast, weight maintenance is effortless, even if you occasionally mess up on the diet

– diet has to be watched, not completely carefree like the one meal a day plan
– take getting used to, but easier than the one meal a day plan

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