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Meal timing. 3 meals a day.

This is a short, to the point post about timing your meals. Have a look and adapt to your requirements

3 meals a day is what most people think they’re doing.
In reality, they’re also snacking in between. So they end up on a 4 or 5 meal a day plan.

Breakfast at 7am
Lunch at 2pm
Dinner by 6pm
This is an eating window of 11hrs.
It is not ideal, but it’s better than what most people are currently doing. This is an option. It’s not what I recommend. I’m just giving you an example.

What most people are doing currently
most people will have tea with snacks at 4pm and dinner at 10. That’s an eating window of 15hours.
This is a surefire way to failure and disease, but that’s what the general population thinks is normal, and they’re shocked if you tell them not to eat after sunset. Their loss.This is an awful way to eat, to be honest.
If you can compress your eating window to 8 hours, it can work.

What I would advise is a two meal a day plan. That post will follow soon.

Another workaround is to skip breakfast, but I’m not sure of the long term implications of that practice.

– your family won’t nag you about missing meals
– psychological satisfaction of doing what you have been brainwashed to do

-you have to be super strict about your diet
-calorie counting will be needed
-will automatically cause overeating in most people

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