Public health policy for green tea

The further one moves away from oneself the less one can predict how anyone, reactions and consequences can occur.

For example, I know that if I drink green tea daily, my allergic rhinitis will flare up. Meanwhile, there’s probably a few million Chinese senior citizens who swear that green tea is the secret if their health. Now imagine that I’m the dictator of the world. Or, that I’m the dude deciding what policies and guidelines to give it when it comes to diet. I could-
1. give out a blanket ban on green tea consumption
2. Give blanket orders that everyone needs to consume green tea daily, twice a day, because statistics and epidemiology tells me that green tea is good for health.

Both the options would be wrong.
Which is why healthcare policy needs to have leeway for individual variation and choice.
I love the taste is green tea , and some people gag at the thought of it. That now as another factor into the mix. Choice. In addition to the already complicated situation of biological variation.

Treating people like statistics is bound to fail. Treating populations like individuals is also bound to fail. There’s a balance to be achieved. And that balance will vary from topic to topic, region to region, demographic to demographic.

Instead we have obviously corrupt and inefficient legacy institutions telling us what to do, while sowing fear, uncertainty and doubt. Maybe that is by design?

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