Nitric oxide

Nitric oxide, (chemical formula NO) is one of the most critical molecules produced in the human body that are necessary for health

It is involved in
– cell signalling, inter cellular communication
– as a neurotransmitter
– as part of the immune system
– as a means of regulation of blood flow in capillaries

A lack of the right amount of NO, in the right places, therefore results in disease.
– cardiovascular
– dementia
– peripheral neuropathy
– diabetes type 2
– accelerated aging, impotence

NO in the body comes from two main sources
– dietary amino acids like arginine and citrulline
– nitrates and nitrites in the diet
Half of the NO comes from amino acids and half from leafy greens in a balanced diet. (Special mention for beetroot-which isn’t actually green)

When we chew our food, the nitrites and nitrates that are present within the cell walls of the plants we eat get released, then dissolved in the saliva, get swallowed, reach the small intestine, where it is reabsorbed and sent back to the salivary glands.

The nitrates in the saliva get broken down by bacteria in the mouth to nitrite, which when exposed to stomach acid, releases NO.

The NO is absorbed and recycled into nitrites and nitrates and the cycle continues.

The above cycle can be interrupted if
– you use mouthwash and kill off the bacteria in your mouth that are part of the nitrate-nitrite-NO cycle
– if you eliminate gastric acidity by using heavy duty anti acid medication- Omeprazole/pantoprazole
– if you don’t eat enough leafy greens
– if you don’t consume enough protein
– if you don’t chew your food well enough
– if you use Anti biotics indiscriminately and disrupt your gut microbiome
– drugs that impair the NO production enzymes, NSAIDs, statins
– if you’re sedentary

So how do you fix this?
Do the exact opposite of all the stuff that I listed above
-stop using mouthwash, unless you have a medical reason
-clean up your diet, instead of using antacids daily
-eat more vegetables,
-consume Beet Kvass, Google it.
-get more protein in your diet
-chew for 30 seconds before swallowing
-avoid antibiotics, definitely don’t ask your doctor or force him to prescribe them
-make lifestyle changes to lower cholesterol, don’t just pop a statin
-avoid painkillers
-get more exercise, get more sun exposure, to increase the production of NO in your body

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