Making progress while dieting.

The idea in any fat loss/weight loss diet would be end up in a place where weight loss is effortless to achieve and maintain.

There is a spectrum based on difficulty, along which diets can be broadly classified. I’ve listed it out below
You’ll probably have to enter somewhere in the first 3, and finally graduate into one of the latter 3.

1. Portion control
2. If it fits your macros
3. Ad libitum with qualitative restrictions
4. Precision Nutrition- timing and quantity
5. Intuitive eating-
6. Measuring everything

Portion control.
– this is the most basic form of dieting
– “eat less”
– the instruction can’t get any simpler.
– but execution is a pain. Needs a lot of willpower

If it fits your macros
– needs a higher level of understanding than the previous
– Decide if you want to cut carbs or fat
– low fat, high carb or low carb high fat
– cutting protein is stupid.
– protein consumption will have to increase of you want to retain muscle while on calorie deficit
– cut calories by cutting down on fat or carbs
– needs less willpower

Ad libitum with qualitative restrictions
– needs even more understanding of science
– eg Paleo, vegan
– especially if you want to break the rules
– needs even less willpower
– eat fresh whole foods, as much as you like, but, avoid “bad” foods

Precision Nutrition
-not for noobies
-you’ll need at least a year of experience with dieting and learning how your body responds to different foods and activities
-once you learn, you can start figuring out how to break the rules with minimal or no penalties.
-you’ll need to start counting stuff. Calories, carbs, fats, protein, activity, energy expenditure
-it’s an awful way to do things, personally.
-I hate it

Intuitive eating.
-not for noobies.
-excellent way to get fat and regain all the weight you lost with other methods
-needs constant vigilance
-you’ll not be able to stay shredded and lean throughout the year, unless you’re a genetically gifted freak.
-I prefer this method for myself now
-works for me because I stay vigilant and I know how my body responds to diet and exercise
-I don’t mind carrying a few extra kilos because I’m close to goal weight and I’m hitting all my strength and lifestyle targets

Measuring. Absolutely. Everything
-for professional athletes
-or for the extremely obsessed and vain 
-can be done if it is your full time job
-and, if you have massive will power. It’s too much work for most people.

The point would be to reach a level of proficiency where you learn enough about yourself and what you eat, to turn this into a lifestyle. Instead of crash dieting and regaining it all back in a few months.

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