Food advertising.

Saw an advertisement on the back of a KSRTC bus this morning from the FSSAI (Food safety and standards association of India, I think)

It said, consume (artificially) fortified foods to prevent deficiency diseases. This was accompanied by the typical ye old, school textbook type badly made painting of various colourful bottles and squarish packages.

Who, in their f***ing right mind would think that artificially fortified, made-for-maximising-profit/shelf life “foods”, will be better for health than fresh, whole foods?

What is the level of brainwashing that you need to undergo to believe that crap?
What is the level of arrogance that is required by the people who do this brainwashing, to believe that they can do better than what nature has created and what we have been consuming for millennia.

You’ll see this sort of perverted disease perpetuating thinking in all fields. They’ll demonise what has been working well, citing research that had been proven correct in a different context and then generalising it thoughtlessly to the entire population.

Multi gyms for eg- work really well for bodybuilders and people needing rehab for specific injuries. But the marketing of that system needs to demonise traditional fitness regimes.

Demonise traditional foods like eggs, meat, fish coconut oil, butter and ghee and offer them vanaspati, margarine and vegan protein powders instead.

Demonise traditional fermented foods due to germ phobia and offer them sterile (monoculture) “probiotic” capsules.

Demonise vegetables in the name of pesticides and offer them added fiber breakfast cereals and bread that is fortified with “energy boosting super minerovitaminpolyphenols”

There’s excellent examples of where supplementation will work. But they are “supplements”. They are added on top of whole traditional foods.

If you let government interfere in the way you eat, and live your own life, you’ll end up sick, dependent and dying a slow death on some ICU bed in your sixties. Use your head.

If something needs advertising, avoid it.
If it’s packaged in plastic, avoid it.
If it just sits on a supermarket shelf for weeks avoid it. Eat how your grandparents ate. In the case of millennials, eat how your great grandparents ate. We’re in danger of forgetting those methods. And when that knowlege is lost, we’ll be truly f***ed.

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