heal yourself

Healing Yourself

Modern medicine works well for acute illnesses and accidents.
It doesn’t do well for lifestyle diseases. Lifestyle diseases need lifestyle interventions. And lifestyle changes need to be individualised.
You can argue that modern medicine does advocate lifestyle changes.
No one can tailor make a plan for you, like you, yourself can.
What I hope to do, here, is to give you a broad outline. That can then be tweaked and adjusted according to your own situation and genetics, to come up with a plan that is perfect for you.
An experiment with one subject. You.
For that, you need to be motivated enough to want change in your life.
You need to take responsibility for your own health, and not outsource it to another person.
You need learn about yourself and the way your body works. You need to be willing to watch, measure and adjust variables. You need to be able to process information and take decisions on your own.
There’s no way a busy doctor can pay minute attention to a developing problem and tell you exactly what to do, to prevent it. He’ll probably do very well when the problem is obvious. Why let it get that far?

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