Using Vitamin C for minor viral illnesses

This post starts with a number of assumptions

  1. You’re sensible enough to understand when you need medical help
  2. You tolerate a fair bit of discomfort without whining
  3. You pay attention to the signals your body is giving you
  4. You have been taking good care of your health (be honest)
  5. You don’t have major medical illnesses that make you more vulnerable to otherwise harmless infections.

I’m basically reinventing the wheel here. The information on how to use Vitamin C for viral infections is already available for free on the net. People have been doing it for decades. I’ve been doing it for myself friends and family for around 5 years. I don’t recommend it to my patients, because it is not part of accepted protocol.

It’s easy, and harmless. And that’s the main reason why I’m putting it out in the open. Fits well with “first, do no harm”.

1000mg of vitamin C tablets hourly.
Every hour during waking hours
Every time you wake up at night
I don’t think it’s worth interrupting sleep to take tablets.

Vitamin C is absorbed by a transporter.
If you take more than your body can absorb, you’ll get diarrhoea. Nothing serious. It stops in an hour or so after you quit taking the tablets.

What I’ve noticed is, that the sicker you are, the more Vitamin C your body can absorb before you get diarrhoea.

I’ve taken 1000mg every half hour on some occasions for the first few hours and then tapered off depending on how my gut responds.

I stay at home for the period, instead of going to work or travelling, so I don’t get caught short if I overdose.

I drink plenty of water. Mostly lime juice with sea salt /Himalayan salt

I stay in bed or on a couch.

I fast. Usually needs 16-20 hours of zero calories. Extremely strict low carb diets will also work reasonably well. This is also easier to do than a water fast.

I’m usually fully recovered in 24 hours.

I’ve used Limcee, Cevit and some other brands. I prefer Limcee for the taste and it does seem to work better.

Why it works for me?
1. I’ve not used antibiotics on myself in around 8 years. I think my immune system has toughened up because of it

  1. I back off my stressors and exercise about 2 days before my viral infection peaks, because I’ve learnt the signals well.

  2. I’m not scared of a fever and blocked nose, ie – I know I’m not going to die because of a cold.

If you try this(after reading up from other sources also) , and it works for you. Please let me know. If it doesn’t, tell me what went wrong.

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