The fountain of youth.

People are scared of dying. A phobia of mortality. We could discuss this for years and not come to a consensus as to why that is so.
Not everyone is frightened of death. Why is that? Who are those people? What do they do different?
What would make me feel not afraid to die?

Youth is a state of mind. Literally. Well, not literally. That would mean equating the mind, and the brain. And that is a whole different library filled with tomes of neurology, philosophy, evolutionary science, biochemistry, physics

Let’s just stick to the brain, then.
If you can keep your brain young, you can stay young. And what is “young”? Physically, it means good agile movement, fast and accurate cognition, along with a willingness to explore new ideas, landscapes, relationships and people.

There’s lots of ways to do this. As always, I’d like to do my broken record impression and say, Diet, Sleep, Exercise
But, there’s something else I’ve been trying to say for a long time, and not finding the way to do it, in an interesting manner.

Doing things the hard way.
Actually, going looking for different, newer and usually, tougher ways to do things.
Humans, young humans especially, are always exploring. They don’t enjoy routine, they break “rules” (and bones) while exploring their surroundings.
That’s what we older adults should be doing. No, I don’t mean we should break our bones. We should break everything else.
Break out of our boxes, out of our comfort zone and out of routine.
Age catches up with you, when you start looking for the easy way. When you become set in your routine. It is a stiffening of the mind and body. A lack of flexibility.
The more comfortable you get, the weaker you become.

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