The Big Pharma

There’s no conspiracy. I will say that out straight away. There’s no single person or even a cabal that sits together and decides how to make while populations sick. It’s not possible for anyone to have that much control over us yet. Yet. Please don’t let it get to that stage. We need to stop before it gets there. And for that, we need to work together. Hence this post.

Big Pharma isn’t a cabal or a conspiracy. It is all of us. We are Big Pharma. Patients, doctors, relatives, Pharma industry, government, all of us humans that participate in modern civilisation are what create big Pharma. It’s the system, the beast, that evolved out of the reward and punishment environment that we (all of us) created.

Everytime we reach for a paracetamol after starting hunchbacked at a mobile phone for too long, we’re feeding that beast. Everytime we reach for steroids and cetrizine, after we gorge on refined grains that worsen our allergies and autoimmune diseases, we’re feeding the beast.

The beast exists because we created it. It grows because we feed it. Without our care it will not continue to grow and get stronger. Funnily enough, it is our negligence of our own health that leads to caring for and nurturing this big Pharma beast. Think about it- Negligence leading to care.

I’m not denying that there are people who work in the system trying to take advantage of our weakness. But they are free and far in between. They would be powerless , if we refused to feed the beast. They only ride the beast. We created it and feed it.

What is this weakness that they’re exploiting?
It is our tendency to take shortcuts. The easy way out. If there is a non pharmacologic way, use it first. If all it takes is waiting for three extra days, take the three extra days. If all it takes is looking away from the screen and doing a few pushups, do them, instead of feeding on paracetamol and feeding the beast.

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