Sleep Hygiene

Right now you’re thinking – there’s hygiene for this too?
Well, there is and it’s not about keeping your bedsheets clean and wrinkle free.

It’s stuff that you do to give your body it’s best shot at the highest quality sleep

Here’s the list off the top of my sleep deprived head.
1. Go to bed at the same time everyday
2. Sunlight should be your guide. Sleep as soon after the sun goes down, wake up before it rises. That’s ideal.
3. Don’t use an alarm clock. Sleep earlier
4. Have a pre sleep routine. As the name implies, follow it daily as you wind down before bed.
5. No artificial lights /screens after 6pm
6. No coffee/tea after 4pm (strictly)
7. No alcohol before bed. It won’t help. It’ll make sleep worse. Actually, No alcohol. Period.
8. Bedroom should be PITCH DARK
9. Bedroom should be as cold as you can tolerate
10. If you have the luxury of sleeping alone (or misfortune) sleep with minimal clothing.
11. Phone in another room. Or offline
12. Avoid LED/tubelights in the bedroom
13. Dinner should be atleast 2hrs before bed
14. Make a list of things to do the next day. Write it down. In order of priority
15. Meditate daily. If possible as you drift off. Even mindful breathing will help
16. Exposure to bright sunlight during the day(duh) , especially in the morning
17. Don’t eat junk food
18. Don’t drink gallons of water before going to bed. That’s just stupid.
19. I hate prescribing sleeping pills.
20. A magnesium deficiency can cause problems with falling asleep and cramps at night. Fix that. Use ZMA if you have to. Coconut water twice weekly might also work well
21. Think happy thoughts

If you can think of more, let me know
Or discuss below, if you’ve got doubts and need clarification

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