Maladaption Vs malfunction as causes of chronic disease

When people start understanding that chronic disease is the result of maladaptation, primarily and not malfunction , healing can be encouraged.

With individual living things, encouragement works better than force, especially in the long term. It is also more efficient in terms of how much effort is required to effect positive change.

You’ll see the same principle in action when you try to grow plants, train dogs, interact with other humans.

The trick,I guess would be to find out what kind of encouragement and nudge is most efficient and sustainable. Of course, no one lands up with the best method on the first attempt. It needs to be worked on and tweaked daily. Experimentation has be be constant and honest.

Can you rely on anyone else to do that for you? You’ll have to do it yourself.

For that, you’ll have to discard the assumption that a malfunction is the cause of your problem, and start with the principle of maladaptation. Ayurveda does that. I’m not sure about present Ayurvedic practitioners. They’re too busy mimicking their financially successful allopathy cousins. Allopathy could start doing that, but that particular principle needs to be drilled in from day one and repeated daily, till the practitioner goes to his grave.

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