Make walking great again

Possibly the only exercise that is universally recommendable to people with 4 limbs and control over them.

No other exercise is so democratic. There’s no other exercise with do little downside.

The main objection to it is that- it’s boring. It doesn’t feel like a workout.

If that is your reason to avoid walking, that is exactly why you should be doing it. In modern times where we are hyper stimulated with aggressive goal setting, and with the constant pressure to achieve more in shorter and shorter periods of time, a walk in the park is metaphorically no more a walk in the park. It becomes tough. It becomes undesirable. It becomes “pointless” and that, is the whole point

You’ve got two options.
1. Do it even if it is boring. Especially because it is boring
2. Make it interesting.

I’m going to be talking about the latter. In the hope that I can get you hooked. And after that, you’ll not need the first method.

So, how can you make walking interesting?
1. Find better surroundings- get out in nature. Take a hike.
2. Listen to music
3. Listen to a podcast
4. Get a walking coach(A dog is the most merciless species you can pick as walking coach)
5. Loaded carries. Choose a weight that you can hold on to and walk for 45 minutes without rest. That should make things interesting
6. Breath practice to focus your mind while walking(breathing ladders)
7. Include other movement practices in between your walking routine- pushups, squats, pull-ups, crawls
8. Walk with children
9. Walk with friends
10. Include walking in your daily routine- park your vehicle further(and further away)
11. Introduce barefoot walking
12. Walk on varied surfaces, not always on the treadmill or smooth pavement. Pick rough terrain and broken footpaths
13. Walk through museums, heritage sites, places of worship
14. Organise a treasure hunt on foot
15. Go shopping on foot, carry your loot back without a vehicle or trolley

There’s probably more , but this is what I can get from the top of my head. Post other ideas in the comments

Maybe, this article about how walking can make more ripped and sexy can make walking more interesting to you

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