List of lifestyle modifications for Hypertension.

1. Sleep 8 hours
2. Sleep early (9pm)
3. Sun exposure to skin (5min)
4. Sun exposure to eyes(6.10am to 6.13am)
5. Stop sugar and flour completely
6. Eat 3 times amount of vegetables as you eat rice.
7. Eat dinner early(6.30pm)
8. Drink beet kvass daily
9. Sit still and watch your own breath for 10 minutes daily. Same time everyday
10. Suryanamaskars daily.
11. Write a diary every every night
12. Write a to do list for next day, every night.
13. Magnesium supplement(Healthyhey brand recommended, even if it vegan )
14. Get involved in some art or physical practice that needs mindfulness (extremely subtle hint- archery, mace, clubs)
15. Listen more, talk less. Listening could be podcasts or music that is meaningful to you.

Note that I’m not talking about salt
Note that I’m assuming you’ve had a complete battery of routine blood tests and an ultrasound abdomen and ECG.
Note that these are only dietary and lifestyle modifications. It isn’t “treatment”

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