Improving movement quality

Movement is the output of our body that results from various stimuli.
If the inputs from these stimuli are garbled, masked or absent, the output (movement) will be of inferior quality. Even in the presence of normal or superior hardware.

Inputs are
1. Eyes
2. Vestibular system (balance organs inside the middle ear)
3. Contact points with the surface you’re moving on.
3a. Feet
3b. Hands (if you’re crawling)
3c. Skin( climbing, slithering, swimming)
4. Joint proprioception (positional awareness from your musculoskeletal system and skin)

The processing of these inputs happen in the brain. Motor cortex, cerebellum, sensory cortex, Spinal chord, visual cortex, even the limbic system where you emotions are thought to arise from. Problems anywhere in this processing center will also produce inferior movement
This is where nutrition, rest, sleep and emotional health come in. This processing center also feeds off the inputs listed above to calibrate and recalibrate itself. Inferior movement itself can worsen brain function and set up a vicious cycle.
Good movement needs a good central nervous system. And a good nervous system needs good movement.

The inputs our biology expects would be what you’d expect from an extremely efficient all terrain ape. Are you giving this inputs to your nervous system? If you’re not, can you expect quality movement and health?

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